All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Known to his loyal fan girls by the pseudonyms "The Heartthrob Panty Dropper for his playboy lifestyle," "The Destoyer of Kindles,"for his incredible cliffhangers, "Porn on Paper," for his hot, sizzling novels that are sure to make your panties wet and "Hank" after his role model from the sitcom Californication, NJ has completed 6 novels in multiple genres ranging from psychological thrillers to erotica. His unorthodox contests such as belt spankings and body shots for books or naughty prizes like nipple clamps and floggers give him the exposure and fan base he'd been pursuing his entire life. 

Ever since NJ was about 10 years old he'd wanted to be a writer, creating stories similar of those of the Boxcar Children series. As he got older and the voices in his head grew with him, he became a fan of James Patterson novels and began writing suspense thrillers that will mess with your heads. Throw in a few bad relationships and his romance novels were born. NJ is far from a genre writer and has always been a believer in hitting as many target audiences as he can. "Never limit youself," quoted NJ when interviewed by a local northeast Ohio newspaper which questioned him on his unique talent and multiple writing styles. 


nj's Mission

NJ Salupo is about more than just getting a woman to spread her legs, he's also about bringing his Sharpie marker around your town and signing as many boobs and butts as he possibly can. 

There are thousands of other authors in the world but NJ sets himself apart by taking the term "Reading is Fun," to a whole new level. He not only speaks on panels to aspiring writers, but he plans meet and greets where you, YES YOU, can participate in his kinky contests and get to know him on a personal level. Please be informed that NJ has no time for prudes in his life, so if you have your panties in a knot, read something else...or find a new hobby. 

“If you’re going to be a writer, declare yourself the best writer”
— -Ernest Hemingway-

What Nj's Achieved

  • Reached #17 on Amazon's best seller list

  • Completed 6 novels in multiple genres

  • Signed boobs in 27 different states.

  • Is a member of a local BDSM sex club.

  • Auctioned off a pic of himself wearing only a book.

  • Visited strip clubs in 27 different states.

  • Twice danced at Bachelorette parties. Once on purpose, once on accident.

  • Given away over 100 naughty prizes from nipple clamps to spreader bars.

  • Implemented a successful food drive for hurricane relief efforts.