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The Abduction of Stephanie

Walking home from Cheerleading practice Stephanie never could have known what was coming next. Abducted and tortured at the hands of a sadistic man wanting revenge for the hazing of his only daughter, Stephanie fights to survive, hoping to make it out alive and in time for Prom, her heart being her only key to survival.

Can she force herself to love someone so dark and twisted or will she become his prey?

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Hope's Desire

Alex Cameron and Amber Shannon were meant to be together. The love they had for each other, unbreakable. They were going live happily together in each other’s arms. Only the universe had other plans for them and they were torn apart. Alex poured his heart out to Amber, trying to get her to stay, but every time she heard the word love, she ran. 

Three years had passed and to Alex’s surprise Amber is married to another man, a man that had caused her a great deal of pain. When Alex heard the news, he set out to find her. He’d never stopped loving her, fighting for her. He didn’t then and he wouldn’t now. 
Reunited by fate, he’s determined to heal her pain and have her back safely in his arms again.

Can Amber find it in herself to leave her demons in the past and let Alex love her the way every woman deserves to be loved? 

Will their love conquer all?





When sexy Dom Sebastian sees Ashley, he can’t seem to take his eyes off her. She will become his love. His pet. His slave. He’s cared for her since high school but he was different then. He was scrawny and geeky and unpopular. The only times Ashley knew he existed were the times when she was making fun of him. Ashley had been in control her entire life but things were about to change. Sebastian has been reunited with Ashley and is now intent on training her to become the obedient, submissive woman who will please his every need, his every whim.

Careful to conceal his identity, Sebastian hides behind a mask, hoping she doesn’t recognize him. Only there is something strangely familiar about his piercing baby blues. He doesn’t reveal his name to her, instructing Ashley to address him only as Sir. He often refers to her as Wildcat, the screen name she used to meet men online. Sebastian spends months training Ashley to submit, but his feelings for her often get in the way. He tries to remain tough because he has vowed to never love again, never let another woman hurt him, but there’s something different about Ashley. She makes him want to be a better man. There has always been a soft spot in his heart for Ashley.

Can Sebastian learn how to truly love someone and can Ashley love a man she’s never really known?

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Campus Cutie (Campus Cutie Series Book 1)


Landon Crenshaw is determined to make sure college life is going to be different from high school. The moment he steps on campus for freshman orientation, he can smell the possibilities. Especially when he spots Alexa May, a cute pre-med student that's not only smart, but also kind enough to spend her time tutoring the other students. From that point on, Alexa has been the only thing on his mind. Even if she's come off as a bit stuck up and self-absorbed. Becoming a surgeon means everything to her and boys are the last thing on her mind. Only college orientation is much shorter than a stint in the big house. After getting to know Alexa better, that's exactly where he ends up.

Charged with her rape, Landon Crenshaw finds himself wearing an orange jumpsuit with no recollection of the events that occurred the night before.

Did a failed attempt to romance Alexa May land him in jail?

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Behind Dorm Doors (Campus Cutie Series Book 2)

Attempting to recover from her rape and with her first semester of college vastly coming to an end, Alexa May is looking forward to a fresh start. One that doesn't involve Landon Crenshaw. With the verdict of Landon still weighing on her mind and him out of the picture she can breathe again. Or can she?

Now she's determind to focus on her studies and get back on track. That is until a new guy catches her eye, the "bad boy" sophomore with his leather jacket, slicked back hair and a bike that would make any college girl want to go for a ride. Only Alexa can't tell if he's playing games or if he's more than a little interested. But has she seen the last of Landon?

Throw in the fact that her best friend Katelyn's feelings for her are starting to intensify and Alexa has some very serious decisions to make between winter break and the beginning of the next semester. Who will Alexa choose and what really happened that night at the sorority party?

Was Landon the only one involved?